Cash Betting

No account? No worries, on TABtouch you can pay with cash. TABtouch offers multiple payment methods so you can create your bets on your mobile and then either pay from anywhere using your TABtouch account or by using cash at any TAB outlet.

To use cash as your payment option first turn on Cash Betting in the My Bets menu. Then build your bet as normal, once you’ve entered your stake you have 2 payment options – Account or Cash. Choose the ‘Cash’ option and your bet will display as a barcode, which you can scan to place your bet at any TAB counter, Self Service or WA racecourse. To complete bet placement pay the TAB operator or insert your cash into the TAB Self Service. You will then receive your printed bet ticket as your receipt. If you are not ready to scan your bet straight away it will be saved for later, you can access all of your saved cash bets under the My Bets menu.

Cash Betting FAQ

Do I need to turn on cash betting every time I want to bet?

No, you only need to turn on cash betting once. It will then remain on as an option every time you use TABtouch or manually switch it off.

How many single bets can I place in one transaction?

Up to 10 single bets can be added to the Bet Slip to be placed in one transaction.

How many cash bets can I save?

Up to 100 cash bets can be saved to your device and any one time.

Can I scan a barcode more than once?

Yes, a barcode can be scanned multiple times to place the same bet more than once.

I have received my barcode, does this mean my bet has been placed?

The barcode is not a placed bet. In order for the bet to be placed, the barcode must be scanned and paid for at a TAB facility. You will then receive a printed bet receipt.

Will my barcode be automatically deleted once the bet has been placed?

No, your barcodes do not automatically delete from your device once scanned and bets placed.

Please be aware that if you do not delete your barcode once you have scanned it and betting is still open on those events, you might inadvertently rescan the same bet again, thereby producing another ticket requiring payment.

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