Tipping & Footo


Tipping requires you to select the winning outcome for each game listed within the pool. You can select more than one outcome in any match, however, the more combinations you decide to cover the more your bet will cost.

Dependent on the sport, some Tipping pools will include the Draw as a selectable outcome for each game while for other pools, no Draw outcome will be offered.

Where the Draw option is not included and one or more of the games from within that pool is drawn, only 20% of the net prize pool can be won.

Betting closes at the commencement of the earliest played game listed in the pool.

The rules pertaining to Tipping pools may vary slightly dependent on the sport. As a general guide, with the exception of football (soccer) matches, any extra time, extra innings or tie-breaker method conducted to determine the winner of a game shall be taken into account.

Football (soccer) matches shall be resulted in accordance with the score at the conclusion of ‘Normal Time’.

If a match is postponed from one day to another (host country time) all tipping entries will be deemed as correct for that game. Entries selecting multiple outcomes for the postponed match will receive multiple winning dividends, provided the entry correctly selects all other results, or as many as any other player.

If the correct winning outcomes for all games within a Tipping pool are not selected, 20% of the net prize pool will be divided amongst the entries that select the next highest number of correct results. The remaining 80% of the net pool will jackpot into a corresponding future pool.

You can play Tipping for as little as 50c, which allows you to take one selection in each match listed in the pool and if you are successful, you will receive half the dividend displayed.

Provisional dividend information will be displayed for a Tipping pool when the second last fixture has been resulted. The only exception is if the last two or more matches in the pool commence at the same time. In this scenario provisional dividends will not be provided before the pool is resulted.

Displaying provisional dividend information will allow you to view what the final Tipping dividend will be for each of the possible outcomes associated with the final fixture, generally before it is played.

Tipping pools are offered on a number of sports each week including Australian Rules, Rugby League, Rugby Union, Soccer, Basketball, American Football and Baseball.

Tipping products are pool-based, meaning the dividend payable is derived by dividing the net pool (gross amount invested minus commission) by the number of units wagered upon the winning outcome.

All Tipping pools are subject to a commission rate of 25%.


Footo is a novelty Australian Rules football bet type that requires you to select which team will win the match and within which points margin bracket the result will fall. Multiple points brackets can be selected as long as they are consecutive.

Footo is offered upon every AFL and WAFL match throughout the season.

Being a pool based product the dividend payable is derived by dividing the net payout pool by the number of units wagered on the winning outcome.

All Footo pools are subject to a commission rate of 25%.

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