Giddy-Up Premium Form & Ratings

Giddy-Up premium form is available on the TABtouch app and FREE for all account holders.

Who are Giddy-Up?

Giddy-Up are a team of expert form analysts that provide ratings, recommended betting odds and speed maps for every Australian race.

What is a speed map?

A speed map shows the predicted settling position for each runner in a particular race. Speed maps are used extensively by bookmakers, jockeys and trainers; now they’re available free to active TABtouch customers.

Giddy-Up Good Things

Good Things are a Giddy-Up’s best bets of the day. They can be accessed from the home screen of the TABtouch app or mobile and will link through to the full race field.

Bet from Giddy-Up

If you like the look of a certain runner, you can place a bet straight from either the Top Rating or All Rating section of Giddy-Up.

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