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Smart Form – Use Form Your Way to Find a Winner

Smart Form lets you choose from a range of criteria to tailor a personalised form blueprint – and then lists all of the matches for you to find a winner.

You can create hundreds of different combinations across all three codes of racing – for example if you select First Up and a Track Win Percentage of 20% you will get a list of all runners who are in their first start since a spell and have won at least 20% of their starts at the venue of their next race.

When you apply a filter, Smart Form automatically narrows down results to runners that match your choices. The more filters you use the more granular the list becomes. Once you are happy with your combination use the results section to look at runners that match your preferences. Select a runner to navigate through to the race for prices, extended form including replays or betting options.

Smart Form saves your personalised criteria so you can come back and forth to the listed results then go through to as many races as you want. If you have a preferred combination it will stay saved on your device until you reset it yourself so you can come back any day with your form favourites ready and waiting.

The following list describes each of the criteria available on Smart Form:

Code Choose which racing code/s you are interested in
Date Results will be shown in start time order. Filter by Today, Tomorrow or Later (2 days and more away)
Last Start
Won Last Start Show runners who won their last start
Placed Last Start Show runners that finished 1st, 2nd or 3rd in their last start
Days Since Last Start Recency of starts is often an indicator of a runners fitness – filter down to a range of days since their last start
Days Since Last Win Set a maximum or minimum on how long since a runner last recorded a win
Starts Since Last Spell Narrow down your options by filtering runners based on how many runs they had had in this campaign
Favourite Last Start Show runners that started their last race as the favourite
This Start
First Up Show runners having their first start since a spell
Second Up Show runners having their second start since a spell
Gear Change Show runners with a change in their gear since last start (thoroughbreds only)
Position (Box) Filter by inside or outside boxes – 1 to 4 or 5 to 8
Position (Barrier) Filter by inside or outside barriers – 1 to 5 or 6+
Apprentice Show runners with an apprentice riding in their upcoming start
Weight Change Filter to show runners with an increase, decrease or no change in weight carried from their previous start
Distance Change Filter to show runners with an increase, decrease or no change in distance from their previous start
Career Prize Money Set a benchmark and filter to show only runners who have won a level of prize money
Career Win % Winning strike rate set by how many wins from total starts over a career
Track Win % Look for track specialists and set a minimum strike rate for runners in starts at the venue for their upcoming race
Distance Win % Find runners at their preferred distance by setting a minimum distance strike rate
Trk/Dist Win % Strike rate of the winning percentage a runner has had matching the venue and distance for their upcoming race
Conditions Show only runners that have previously won under selected condition/s (Firm-Good-Soft-Heavy-Synthetic)

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