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TAB Agency Self-Exclusion Program

If you visit and bet in WA TAB agencies, but currently considering ways to minimise or manage gambling harm to yourself, this is a useful tool to help you stay away from the WA TAB agencies across Western Australia.

The TAB Agency Self-Exclusion is a voluntary program whereby you enter an agreement that restricts you from visiting any WA TAB agencies, and from holding an online TABtouch account.

You will be asked to leave the premises by staff if identified at any of our agencies.

The agreement will be in place for a minimum period of 12 months and will continue ongoing until you apply to have it revoked.

How to register for the TAB Agency Self-Exclusion

To register for the Self-Exclusion program, please email the following to

1) A completed and signed RWWA Self Exclusion Application Form
2)  A copy of your Photo ID (drivers license is ideal)
3) A current passport-style portrait photograph similar to the example below.

For more information please call 1300 36 36 88.

TAB Agency Self-Exclusion FAQ’s

Will I be stopped from entering a TAB Venue?
Responsibility for avoiding these locations lies with you and the commitment you have made by entering into this agreement, but once your presence is known you can expect the TABtouch operator to remind you of your obligations and ask you to leave the premises.

How will TAB know that I am entering a venue?
Part of the process of entering into this agreement is providing a recent photo of yourself for the purpose of being added to the TABtouch Agent portal, giving all TAB agents electronic visual awareness of who has chosen to participate in the self-exclusion program.

Can I still go to a pub or club for a drink or a meal if they have TAB facilities that I am self-excluded from?
Yes, you may still enter a licenced pub or club for a meal or a drink but must not enter the designated TAB wagering area during your visit.

Can I specify certain venues that I frequent?
Yes, if there are specific venues, locations or suburbs that you frequent then please advise and these outlets will be notified individually.

Can I advise the TAB venue staff that I am on the Self-Exclusion Register?
Absolutely yes, if there is a particular Pub or Club venue that has TAB facilities and you frequent for social reasons it might be worth considering, as an extra precaution to make yourself known to the staff behind the counter, advising that you have a TAB ban in place so that they can monitor your access to the wagering terminals. In any event they have been notified by us as well.

How long will the TAB Agency Self-Exclusion be in force?
The self-exclusion is for an initial period of 12 months minimum.

Will I be notified when this 12 month period has ended?
No, the self-exclusion will continue and be ongoing until application is made to have it revoked.

Can I have a friend or family member added to the TAB Agency Self-Exclusion register?
Unfortunately the TAB Agency Self-Exclusion agreement can only be freely entered in to by the person seeking to be excluded and not actioned by a third party. However, we do encourage you to be there as a support during their journey.

What documents do I need to provide?
1 Self-exclusion form – (Completed, signed and witnessed)
2 Copy of photo ID (Drivers licence is ideal)
3 Photo (current passport style portrait photo)

 Why do I have to provide a photo?
This is for the sole purpose of adding to our TAB Agent Portal so relevant staff are aware who is self-excluded.

How long does the process take to be added to the TAB Agency Self-Exclusion Register?
Once the three above items have been received you will be notified with confirmation that the self-exclusion has commenced, usually within the same day.

Will this TAB Agency Self-Exclusion stop me from having an online betting account with TABtouch?
Yes, at the commencement of the TAB Agency Self-Exclusion, all online TABtouch betting accounts will also be closed and not able to be re-opened until such time as the exclusion is revoked.

Will my personal details and photo be shared?
Your personal details are kept discrete and confidential and will only be available to relevant TAB agent for the purpose of enforcing the exclusion.

Is the TAB Agency Self-Exclusion the same as being barred from a venue?
No, this is a voluntary agreement where you accept the responsibility to not enter a TAB venue on your own accord.

Does the TAB Agency Self-Exclusion mean that I am excluded for all betting venues throughout the country?
The TAB Agency Self-Exclusion will apply to all WA TAB branded venues situated throughout Western Australia. For Agency Exclusion in other states you will need to contact the relevant TAB in your state.

What happens if I place bets and lose money whilst being on the TABtouch Agency Self Exclusion register?TAB and its operators have no liability if you breach your self-exclusion, gamble and lose. Whilst every effort will be made to assist you with your voluntary Self-Exclusion no refunds or re-imbursement of losses will be provided.

Will the TAB Agency Self-Exclusion stop me from visiting the Casino?
No, the Casino in Western Australia operates its own Exclusion program which you will have to contact them directly about however, you are agreeing and excluded from frequenting or using the TAB wagering facilities located at this venue.

How can I be removed from the TAB Agency Self-Exclusion register after the 12 month period has ended?This requires three visits to a gambling help counsellor and a letter from the counsellor advising revocation is agreeable. Once received by TABtouch a decision will be made to allow removal from the register.

If I am on the National Self Exclusion Register BETSTOP do I still need to apply for TAB Agency Self-Exclusion?
Yes, BETSTOP will provide exclusion from all licensed online wagering providers throughout the country but will not stop you entering a physical venue. If betting in-store or in-person is causing you harm then being added to this register can be of assistance.

For further information regarding BETSTOP please see here –

 Where else can I seek help to guide and assist me on managing gambling harm?
We commend you for making this great first step and strongly urge you to reach out for support from one of the many free resources available to assist with this and other strategies that may be beneficial for your journey.


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