Favourite Numbers

Favourite Numbers

Favourite Numbers is a random numbers game with pools offered each Wednesday and Saturday.

Betting for the midweek pool closes at 11am WST each Wednesday (10am WST during the Eastern Daylight Saving period) with the weekend pool closing at 11am WST on Saturday morning (10am WST during the Eastern Daylight Saving period).

Favourite numbers results can be found on the TABtouch Blog

Single Entry

Select seven numbers between 1 and 30 as your Favourite Numbers.

Systems Entry

To increase your chances you can select more than seven numbers. A systems entry can include between eight and sixteen numbers and as it contains multiple combinations, multiple dividends can be won.


Each Favourite Numbers entry with seven numbers costs $0.50. The cost associated with each of the possible Favourite Numbers combinations are referenced in the table below.

No. of Selections on one Entry No. of Combinations Total Cost
7 1 $0.50
8 8 $4.00
9 36 $18.00
10 120 $60.00
11 330 $165.00
12 792 $396.00
13 1,716 $858.00
14 3,432 $1,716.00
15 6,435 $3,217.50
16 11,440 $5,720.00


Select ‘Pot Luck’ to place a mystery Favourite Numbers bet. The TABtouch system will randomly select two games of seven numbers for a total cost of $1.00.

You can also play ‘Systems Pot Luck’ by selecting how many numbers you would like to take.

How do the Favourite Numbers win?

The Favourite Numbers, 1 through 30, are randomly allocated by the TABtouch system to a group of forty races due to be run on the Wednesday and Saturday. The remaining 10 races become the list of substitute races.

If the TABtouch favourite in the corresponding Tote Win pool wins the race, the Favourite Number allocated to that race is a winning number.

If Less than Seven Numbers Required to Win:

No of Favourite Numbers Marked No of winning numbers required
6 5 4 3
7 1 1 1 1
8 2 3 4 5
9 3 6 10 15
10 4 10 20 35
11 5 15 35 70
12 6 21 56 126
13 7 28 84 210
14 8 36 120 330
15 9 45 165 495
16 10 55 220 715


If the favourite in a race is scratched, the new favourite will be the runner with the next highest amount invested upon it in the corresponding Tote Win pool.

Dead Heats

In the case of the favourite dead heating for first, the number allocated to that race is classified as a winning number.

Abandoned and Postponed Races

If a race is abandoned or postponed, then the Favourite Number allocated to it is reallocated to the first available race from the list of substitute races. It is possible that this race may have already been run.


If there are less than seven winning Favourite Numbers or if no one selects seven winning numbers, then half the payout pool jackpots to the next corresponding pool and the other half is paid to those with the next highest amount of winning Favourite Numbers. Systems entries receive multiple dividends.

Commission Rate

Favourite Numbers pools are subject to a commission rate of 25%.

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