Multi allows a number of different outcomes from different events to be combined in the one wager. The return is calculated by multiplying the price of each individual selection, referred to as a leg, together to obtain the Multi odds for that combination.

Selections must be independent of one another for the wager to be accepted so including two or more outcomes from the same event is not possible. Certain markets or events may also be offered on a ‘singles only’ basis, meaning any outcome within cannot be included in a Multi wager.

If any leg(s) of a Multi is abandoned or due a refund, that selection effectively drops out of the wager with the return to be recalculated based upon the prices of the remaining live legs at the time the wager was struck.

Deductions may apply to ‘Final Field’ based legs in the event of scratchings.

Racing based legs cannot be combined with sport based legs in the same Multi wager.

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