A market is offered on which two runners will officially finish in 1st and 2nd place, in either order, in the nominated race.

If at any stage a runner’s Fixed Odds win price is less than $2.00 the Quinella market for that race will be suspended and will only re-open if the runner’s price again returns to $2.00 or greater. Any bets placed prior to the market suspending shall stand.

‘Refunds and Deductions’ betting rules apply. In the case of a runner being scratched and at the time of withdrawal its Fixed Odds price is less than $2.00, all Quinella wagers will be declared void and refunded.

Flexi Betting

Flexi Betting allows you to take virtually as many combinations in a Quinella as you wish and you nominate the total amount you wish to spend.

TABtouch calculates the Flexi percentage of the investment you have placed by dividing the total spend by the number of combinations selected. The Flexi percentage must be greater than 1% for the bet to be allowed to place.

If successful, you will receive a percentage of the displayed dividend equal to the Flexi percentage of the bet you have placed.


If any runners selected in your Quinella are scratched, you will receive a refund for every eliminated combination. If the race is abandoned or postponed, all Quinella wagers will be refunded in full.

Dead Heats

If there is a two-way dead heat for first, the Quinella dividend on those selections is unaffected by the dead heat. If, however, there is a two way dead heat for second, there will then be two Quinella dividends paid. Each of them will be 50% of the full dividend on the two winning combinations, as per standard dead heat rules.


If the winning Quinella combination has not been selected, the net Quinella prize pool for that race will be carried over and added to the Quinella pool on another race to be announced by TABtouch.

Commission Rate

For Quinella pools combined with SuperTAB or operated on a WA standalone basis, a commission rate of 17.50% is applicable.

For nominated meetings where Quinella wagers are comingled into an international pool, the pool host’s commission rate structure and dividend calculation policy will apply.

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