A Trifecta bet is selecting the runners that will finish 1st 2nd and 3rd in order, in a nominated race.

To increase your chances, you can take a multiple Trifecta by marking more than one selection in any of the three finishing positions.

If all selections are entered into the first column, this creates an Allways Trifecta, meaning your runners can finish in any order for the bet to be successful.

Trifecta betting is available on all races covered by TABtouch.

Roving Banker

A Roving Banker allows you to cover multiple combinations in one transaction by anchoring a selection(s) as a definite placegetter. On a Trifecta the selected Roving Banker(s) must finish in the first three placings.

To place a Roving Banker;

  • Select the Roving Banker Option
  • Select a runner as the Roving Banker (RB) in the RB selection column
  • Select at least two more selections in the ‘With’ column to fill the remaining placings

To be successful the selected ‘Roving Banker’ must finish 1st, 2nd or 3rd whilst the ‘With’ selections must fill the remaining place between them.

You can select up to two Roving Bankers on a Trifecta. When this option is selected, for the bet to be successful both Roving Bankers must finish 1st, 2nd or 3rd whilst the ‘With’ selections must fill the remaining placings between them.

Flexi Betting

Flexi Betting allows you to take virtually as many combinations in a Trifecta as you wish and you nominate the total amount you wish to spend.

TABtouch calculates the Flexi percentage of the investment you have placed by dividing the total spend by the number of combinations selected. The Flexi percentage must be greater than 1% for the bet to be allowed to place.

If successful, you will receive a percentage of the displayed dividend equal to the Flexi percentage of the bet you have placed.


If any runners selected in your Trifecta are scratched, you will receive a refund for every eliminated combination.

If the race is abandoned or postponed, all Trifecta wagers will be refunded in full.

Dead Heats

Dead heats in any of the first three placings will result in more than one winning combination. Each combination will have a separate dividend.

For example, if runner 1 wins the nominated event and runner 2 and runner 3 dead heat for second place, a Trifecta dividend will be paid on both combinations 1.2.3 and 1.3.2. The net Trifecta payout pool is split with half allocated to each winning combination.

In the event of a dead heat where one Trifecta combination is selected and one is not, for example a customer selected 1.2.3 but no person had selected 1.3.2, the pool is then split with half allocated to the combination 1.2.3 and the other half of the net payout pool would jackpot.


In the event the total investment on the winning combination is less than $0.50, part of the net Trifecta payout pool on that race will be carried over to the next Trifecta pool on the nominated meeting. If no person selects the correct combination, the entire net Trifecta payout pool will be carried over.

If a carryover occurs on the last race of the meeting, the jackpot will be allocated to a future race to be announced by TABtouch.

Commission Rate

For Trifecta pools combined with SuperTAB or operated on a WA standalone basis, a commission rate of 21% is applicable.

For nominated meetings where Trifecta wagers are comingled into an international pool, the pool host’s commission rate structure and dividend calculation policy will apply.

Merged Pool Dividend Calculations

Merged Pool Technology

Merged Pool Technology (MPT) is a variation to the tote betting system that allows multiple bet types on an individual race to be merged into the one pool. This merged pool can then be combined with national or international pooling partners of Super-TAB, including TABtouch.

Which Bet Types are Merged

The first two bet types to be merged by Super-TAB are Trio and Trifecta. Trio is not currently available on TABtouch.

Trio is a bet type which is a derivative of the Trifecta, similar to the relationship between Quinella & Exacta. Trio requires users to select 1st, 2nd & 3rd in any order in contrast to Trifecta which requires selection be made in the correct order. An allways Trifectas is the result of multiple combinations being placed to cover all possible finishing positions of the selected runners.

Merged Pool Example + TABtouch = Super-TAB
Merged Pool Trifecta Pool Combined Pool
Trifecta Trio Trifecta
$10,000 $500 $4,000 $14,500


Jackpots can still be generated on merged pools and will occur from time to time based on the standard jackpot rules for the ‘anchor’ bet type. The ‘anchor’ bet type is classified as the bet type in a merged pool which has the greater level of investment. i.e. in a merged pool of $1,000 that contains $900 in Trifecta investments and $100 in Trio investments, Trifecta is the anchor bet type.

The only situation when there will be no jackpot is when there is no winning investment in the non-anchor merged bet type.  In this rare situation,  the whole dividend pool is shared amongst winning investments in the anchor bet type.

Dividend Calculation

As with any Tote product, dividends are determined by the winning punters. The net pool is divided by the winning investments to determine a declared dividend.

When two bet types merge together a bigger pool with more money is created and a natural movement of money between the bet types within the new pool can occur. For example if there’s a greater percentage of winning investments relative to the Trifecta compared to the Trio, a higher than normal Trifecta payout will occur.

Similarly, if the Trio punters perform relatively better than Trifecta on the winning combination, Trio gain a greater share from Trifecta punters. If both Trio and Trifecta punters perform equally – there will be no movement of money.

A declared dividend on a merged pool is determined by:

  1. Determine the net winning investment for each merged product. For a Trio/Trifecta pool this is based on winning trio selections and trifecta selections on the first three finishers which ensures parity between bet types.
  2. Apply proportionally to determine the merged net payable pool by product.
  3. Complete dividend calculation process as per current rules

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