FAQ’s – Mobile

What mobile devices can I use?

Please our list of supported devices here.

These applications have been designed for smartphones that satisfy the following criteria:

  • Large screen (ideally with a resolution of 480×320 or greater)
  • Touch sensitive
  • Fully-featured browser.

The following mobile devices are supported:

  • iPhone or iPad running iOS 9 or later
  • Phones running Android 5 or later
  • Phones browsing with Microsoft Edge

The applications may work with other mobile devices, but this usage will be unsupported.

Why do I sometimes need to re-login?

For security reasons, the application will automatically log users out if left idle for a period of four hours. Provided that you access the application within this period you will not be required to log back in.

What happens if my phone loses its signal while submitting a bet?

If your phone loses it signal after you have pressed the final “Place Bet” and before you receive a bet confirmation with a ticket number, RWWA cannot guarantee that your bet was successfully placed.

We recommend you check the transaction page within “My Account”. If the transaction is not listed then please contact our Customer Management Team on 1300 36 36 88 to confirm the bet status.

How can I protect my account if my phone is lost or stolen?

In addition to normal precautions, the following steps should be taken to protect your account in the event of a lost or stolen phone:

  • Always log out of TABtouch when you have finished betting.
  • If you are betting over an extended period of time and wish to remain logged in, you should activate your phone’s lock code to prevent unauthorised access.

Why do I lose my selections when I press the browser refresh button?

The browser refresh button will cause a complete reload of the current page. Any user-entered data (e.g., bet selections) will be cleared.

TABtouch has a refresh button in the upper right corner. Pressing this button will allow you to obtain updated dividends and pool sizes while maintaining your selections.

Why does my browser back button not work?

Support for the browser back button relies on functionality that is not available in all browsers.

TABtouch provides a button in the top left corner that will allow you to return to the parent page of the current page. You can also navigate back to the landing page by clicking on the ‘Home’ icon or application icon.

Note that the browser back button should not be used during betting operations, as it will not retain user-entered data.

Do I need to have cookies enabled?

Yes, TABtouch uses cookies so you will need to have them enabled for the applications to function correctly. If you don’t enable them you will receive an error message when you attempt to log on.

The deposit function does not let me enter a credit card.

The Australian Government passed legislation in December 2023 that prevents customers from using credit cards to deposit funds into their online wagering accounts. This ban took effect from 11 June 2024, therefore we can no longer accept credit cards as a deposit method.

What Is Two-Step Verification?

When depositing $200 or more, your credit card provider will SMS you a unique verification code. Simply submit this code to confirm your deposit. This process keeps your personal details secure and protects your account from fraudulent activity.

My question isn’t answered here, where can I get help?

Our Customer Management Team will be happy to help with your query. They can be contacted on 1300 36 36 88 or, alternatively, email ContactUs@tabtouch.com.au.

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