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Find what you are after faster with Search on TABtouch racing.

You can locate upcoming races for any Starter, Jockey, Harness Driver or Trainer via Search – start by selecting the icon at the top of the TABtouch app.

Once you have launched the search page, type in a term to find information on races that are open for betting within the next 72 hours, or have already run today.

Search for a Jockey or Driver and we will show you who they are riding and when, search for Trainer and we’ll show you any runners they have in upcoming races. You can then select the display that matches what you are looking for to go to the full race field and study the from or place a bet.

If you have a hot tip and are not 100% sure of the spelling we cater for close matches. Take your best shot at searching and then scroll through the list to see all similarly spelt names.

The example below shows a search for “Pike”, and shows results that match and might be similar to the term “Pike”.

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